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As we walk down this street
I will tell you about its story
Everything is ordinary
Everything is usual

George Anderson in nr 1
An attractive young bachelor
Cheap dinners by the smell
Weekend entertainment by blond girls
How many? We don’t know

To the left we have Mrs. Robinson
A nice old widow
All of us envy her cooking skills
Her cat is her entertainment
It is called Lucifer and they eat dinner together

The Parker family in nr 3
Parents with three kids
Paul is 17 years old and a rebel
While Patty is 3 years younger and in love with Paul
Paula is 5 and still innocent

On the right again we have Sarah and Susan
Both young and beautiful
Have often visitors
And they all run naked in the living room
We can tell by peeking in the window
That’s what neighbours do you know

Kim Morrington in nr 5
A 30 year old drunk addict
Just got home from prison
Someone told me he got in a fight
The truth is that he raped Patty Parker

In nr 6 we find Morag Hill
Single mom of a girl in the age of 7
Morag is working at the super market
But her actually money comes from guys
Guys she meets at corners and entertains at home

In nr 7 lives David Sanders
He loves musicals and theatres
Listening to Britney Spears
And a supporter of Elton John
The whole street thinks he is gay
Mr Morrington is a often visitor

Nr 8 is my wonderful place
18 year old and a common girl
Hard working student
Blond and a love seeker
Heartbroken every 3 month
But hope is still there

Nr 9 is available
In our lovely street
It is a pretty sick street right?
Just like the rest of the world
We wish you welcome
Here is your key
A poem
Just an experimental piece
Comments would be lovely

Sorry for my bad english
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xephyr-prophet Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2006
Very interesting! :)
Melvisa Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2006
I think so too =)
Gayahuaniel Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2006
Poetry in a different style. Nice though.
Melvisa Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2006
thanks =)
Gayahuaniel Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2006
You'r welcome.
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