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I got carried away by emotions
Far away from where I belong
But I did not find a way to deal with it
I just followed the road

Last week
My head were filled with mess
My heart was split up in two
My legs wanted to run forever
My eyes wanted to sleep

I tried to keep it all together
The one true thing I thought I could repair
You did not touch me as you used to
I was to blind to see it all

I was on my own
I felt like a black hole
I was looking forward
I did know that the show had to go on

I see the sun outside, it’s shining for me
To show me that I must treat every day as my last
Take care of my friends and get new ones
I will from now trust my angels who are watching over me

I smile at my friends
I know I will survive
I am taking a step forward
I see the world with new eyes

But listen and think when I say:
How strong do you think I am?
Who choose to be alone?
Do I spend my time waiting for you?

Do I deserve less or more?
How many times did I have sand in my shoes?
How long time will it take to clean it up?
Would really like some comments on this one
cadjee Featured By Owner May 14, 2006

Really beautiful! Especially the ending.

"How many times did I have sand in my shoes?
How long time will it take to clean it up?"

What a great metaphore. :)

Hope you'll get through this, my friend. :hug:
Melvisa Featured By Owner May 14, 2006
Thanks for the comment cadjee, :)
Like that metaphore too, thought long about it and felt it was right to put it in this piece.

I will come through this somehow..
I have great friends so :)
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May 13, 2006
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